A good brand doesn’t accept the status quo. We help campuses venture just a bit out of their comfort zones by providing a neutral forum for talking about tough topics; conducting research that provides strong, data-driven supports; and developing compelling marketing tools that stand out from the competition.


While the exact elements vary depending on the size and scope of the project, Discovery typically involves both qualitative and quantitative activities. Our goal is to identify attributes and themes that are authentic to the institution, desired by target audiences, and differentiated from the competition.


We don’t believe in making fancy widgets for the sake of making fancy widgets. Our recommendations are based on data, focused on solving specific problems, and designed to have a meaningful, memorable, and measurable impact.


From presenting concepts to launching videos, web sites, and advertising campaigns, our highly collaborative development and delivery process always includes testing to provide information for objective decision-making.


At Brand IQ Creative, our mantra is “we meet you where you are.” We can fully execute a project or give you the tools you need to do it yourself. Usually, it’s a little of both. Our role is that of a long-term partner, stepping in when you need us and out when you don’t.